Sara.H Sculpture


Welcome on Sara.H’s website.
Captivated by art in her childhood,
she was early interested in paintings.


She was brought up in a natural and musical environment.
Later, sculpture became a necessity to express her art.


Discover her public artwork
with the map.


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Galerie du Calvaire

24 to 30 July 2017

Monday to SUnday
11am to 5pm

Montreux BIennale 2017

Montreux BIennale 2017
12 août au 22 octobre

Labyrinth Calengwirith

Du 1er juillet au 1er octobre 2017 découvrez les Calengwiriths dans les méandres du labyrinthe Urbakids

Au Graal Art Gallery

11 Mai to 22 August 2017
1700 Fribourg

Légende d’Automne park

Sculptures Park

Workshop Mathod

Between our shows , please come visit the artist ‘s workshop and gallery.